Thursday, March 6, 2008

Forslund's Most Wanted

In my increasing (but limited) knowledge of Forslund furniture, I'm finding that one of the most popular chairs is the Rip Van Lee. Some refer to these chairs as "sleepy hollow" chairs. The chair was usually upholstered with the same quality of English leather that was used for the seats of a Rolls Royce (though in the catalogs, there are some covered in classy tweed patterns), tightly tufted, and filled with horse hair. These chairs can be found in many homes in West Michigan, but many owners are unaware of the treasurers they hold. These comfortable chairs hug you the moment you sit in them. Carl Forslund Sr. himself wrote of the Rip,

"It's big enough to be a father-and-children chair while they grow up, and it will still be a comfortable grand-dad-and-grandson chair many years from now."

Our very own Rip, purchased from a seller through
our local classifieds via Grand Rapids


Deb said...

I have been told that I may have a Carl Forslund Sleepy Hollow Chair. Who could I contact to verify that?


rlawson said...

Has anyone heard of the doll furniture that Carl Forslund made? I would like to know if there is a Cherry Mini chest available anywhere for sale and if so what the price is? Thank you.

Rivendell said...

I very much wish to have one of these chairs; I've been searching for nearly 20 years, to no avail~ Please advise how to go about finding one similar or an old one.
Thank you,
Nina Scripps
Franklin, NC
828 369 2730

Em said...

Hi Nina,

We aren't going to sell our chair, but thanks for the offer. We found ours through Grand Rapids craigslist and I would advise you to look at different CL sites around West Michigan.


Carl said...

I now am the proud owner of two of these great chairs and ottomens but I only need one set. The one I could part with has been recovered in very nice cream colored Naugahyde. If you are interested in buying it please email me for pictures. I will arrange for shipping anywhere.

Don said...

Does anyone know the purpose of the two holes (one on either side)of the rim of the sewing stand and the plant stand? The holes are countersunk on the bottom of the rim. Some have suggested they are for a handle, but there are no handles shown in the Forslund catalogs. Also, the sewing stand and the plant stand appear similar to identical. They have the same dimensions, but the spindles may be slightly different (can't tell from the catalog pictures).

Em said...

Don - not sure about the purpost of the holes on the plant stand. I do believe the sewing stand and plant stand are essentially the same, but have no way to verify this.

Al Hoffman said...

I have a rip van lee chair and stool that needs repair and new leather--can anyone tell me where to get repaired? are there any upolisters that worked for Forsland left that can help me? Al Hoffman

Anonymous said...

My father recently passed away and I have several Forsland pieces, including the Rip chair in light blue leather. I believe that it is stuffed with horse hair and that the theory is that it only gets softer with age. I am not sure where to go or who to contact if anyone is interested in purchasing items. My email address is I currently live in Nebraska. My father ordered the pieces directly for Forsland back in the lat 1970's for his den at my childhood home. Thank you for any interest or information!

Anonymous said...

Interested if you still have this furniture.

Em said...

Al, did you find someone to reupholster your chair? I can find out who my mom uses. She is a designer and has worked with many customers who want to refurbish their chairs.